Download BBM on Android

On this page I will tell you everything you need to know about BBM on Android. Where you can download the app, and other interesting news about Blackberry Messenger for Android. Due to a lot of improvements on the software of the phones and tablets that run on Android, it has now been possible to create an improved version of BBM, for Android devices instead of only BlackBerry’s. The technique and code was found by an experienced team of developers who have been putting all their best toughts and skills into this project, with an amazing end result.

The latest version of BBM on Android can be downloaded by clicking the download button you see below. That is the only and official website that has developed the program, so any other site claiming that they have the app available for download is making false statements. BBM on Android has an automatic updater which will automatically install the latest updates for free. You dont have to edit anything, the app can do it all by itself. A complete guide on how to install BBM on Android on your device can be found here.

Download bbm on android

If you have for some reason trouble to install the application on your mobile device or tablet, you can always ask me to answer your questions. I have been using BBM on Android flawlessly for the past few months, and not a single time went by where it did not work.


The application is compatible on all the devices that run Android, this includes the Samsung galaxy s2 and s3, and a lot of other phones and tablets. BBM for the Android platform is safe in its use and it is compatible with the people who have a blackberry and that use BBM on those phones. The messages that you send using this application are encrypted and can not be read by hackers or people who try to gain acces to your phone. This makes BBM on Android a secure and safe way to chat via a free application that can be downloaded by anyone.

There are also a lot of people who do not have a BlackBerry phone anymore, but who still have friends on BBM. Then BBM on iPhone is the perfect solution for them, as they can use BBM on their Android device flawlessly without needing a BlackBerry for themselves. An other reason why people are downloading and using this app so much is because you now dont need a BlackBerry to use BBM, as you can use it directly on your own phone. The download for BBM on Android can be found in this article. I hope this guide has helped you, and if you have any suggestions please point them out in the comments.