5 Reasons to Download BBM on Android

If you have looked arround the bbm on android site here you know some nice things about the program already. However, there still might be some advantages that you did not know before! In this article I will point out 5 reasons to download BBM on Android on your device, and to make sure you are using all of its advantages.

The first big advantage is that the program is completely free. You can send unlimited messages to your contacts without paying a single dollar. Normal text messages cost money, BBM for Android messages do not. The messages can also contain an unlimited ammount of characters, as opposed to normal text messages. There are also a lot of other online chat applications, but they all cost money to use.

The second reason to download the app is that you can use it on normal BlackBerry’s, iPhones, and Android devices. This unique universal use of the application makes sure that a lot of people use the program, so all of your friends problably will install it on their phones and tablets aswell. Then there also is the fact that the application is free, so everyone of your friends should download this application immidiately.

Another reason to download BBM on Android is the lightweight memory usage, and the low brandwith usage. This means that your phone will never slow down, or experience any lag while using this application. The messages you send and receive also dont take up a lot of brandwith, so your phone’s internet or 3G bill will never get any higher! This is because the messages you send and receive are encrypted, which brings us to the next advantage.

bbm on android

The fourth reason is really simple: Safety & Security. The BBM on Android app automatically decodes and ecrypts all the messages it sends, and they can only be read by the people who the message was meant to be received by. This makes sure that no outsiders can read your private details and text messages, which can be done on other chat apps. The apps uses an advanced server which puts a heavy encryption on the text and they are send to an other special server which decodes the text’s. BBM on Android is the only app which has such and advanced security system that you will not be able to crack it within years.

The fifth and last reason why you should download BBM on Android is the fact that you are no longer bound to BlackBerry and the BlackBerry operating system. BlackBerry phone’s can get really expensive at some times, and an Android device is a lot more low budget. The Android platform is also open source which means that there are a lot more tools for the software’s code. Programmers just love the Android platform because they can develop programs like this one very easy on it.

If we have convinced you to download BBM on Android for your tablet or mobile phone, we would suggest you to check out this page. There are instructions to download the application for free, so you can directly start to enjoy it! 4DP9VPNS2VKH

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Step By Step Instalation of BBM on Android

This detailed guide will help you to install BBM on Android so you can freely enjoy the program. We will describe step by step what you need to do to, the guide will be easy to follow and can be used for all Android devices.

1. The first step is to download BBM on Android from that page. Just click on the download button, and you will have the file on your pc within a few seconds of downloading. This file is very important as it is the whole BBM on Android application. Its packed in a .zip file so you need to unzip it, and then you can proceed to step 2.

2. The next step you need to do to install BBM on Android is to upload the file to your Android phone. Attach you device to your pc or mac, and open the directory where all the apps are stored. Then just upload the unzipped BBM on Android file to that directory, and you can then remove your device from the computer.

3. Now you should start your phone or tablet, and a BBM on Android application should be on the app screen. Click that app and there will be a few questions you need to answer.

4. Answer the questions like your name and get yourself your own BlackBerry pin, so other BBM users can add you. You can now use BBM on Android with any other BB device arround the world. The BBM on Android app will look like the picture below.

bbm on android

As you can see, it just looks like the regular BBM. You can add other users by adding their pin and when they accept it you can start chatting directly. if you still have any questions about BlackBerry Messenger on Android, please ask them below.

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Welcome to bbm on android

Welcome to bbm on android. We strive to give you the latest news and updates about bbm on android. There are several rumours that BBM on Android will be released in the near future, so I highly suggest you to keep this website in mind. We are updating this blog regularly with new content about bbm on android. We hope that you have a good time reading this blog!

You will discover all the advantages of BBM on Android, and why you should add it to your device. We will also explain how to get it started, and if you have any questions, Im sure we are able to answer them.

For example: We have a guide to install the application on your phone or tablet, a article as why you would need BBM on Android, and what the advantages of it are. We hope that you will be able to enjoy this application as a lot of hard work has been put into this program, and we are really proud of it. We do not host the application directly but we guide you through the site where you can download it from.

You can download BBM for Android here:

download bbm for android

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